CGDC #7 – M27’s Escape Into Fiction!

February 15, 2010

Here’s one about being trapped in a library.  I have nothing to say about being trapped in a library.  Better go with more ASCII art.

         |        |  What's wrong, Dogbert?
         |        |    /
         |       ~|~                         _ __
         |-------())                        ||  | 
         (        _)                      .'~\  /. I'm a horrible ascii
         |        |                     ()()--\/ ". /  drawing!
         |        |                      0        "
         ''..     |                     :     //  |
         |'..'---_/\                    :    ()   |
        /    ''---|| /\                 '.       ."
       /     \    \\/\/                   "..  ."\\
       |  \  /     \_/                      || |  ^
       |   \/\\    | \                     ((__)      -abg

[spoilers begin here]

Okay, conceit seems to be that I’m in a private library, and reading books transports me inside them.  Noticing already that spelling and punctuation could use more love.

Oh, come on, it’s a garden gate!  I can’t just hop it?

Trying some verbs on this bandit.  None are working.  Implementation’s pretty sparse, and I’m not getting much direction on what I should be doing.

Ah, magic verb was SEARCH TABLE.  Well all right then.

Oh, you don’t want this turnip, horse?  This turnip not good enough for ya, horse?  Fine, I’ll go search the garden again.  Sheesh.

Look, here’s a potato. You want this?  No?  Dammit, not only does the horse not want the potato, but I’m listening to the Slap Chop Rap for the first time in months.  That’s not the sad part.  The sad part is I’m going to play it again, once it’s over.  Probably multiple times.

Yay, carrot worked!  Oh, the horse and I rode away to find adventure, and now I’m back in the library, in which certain things have changed.  Interesting!

(The skin comes right off.  Put your… put your hot peppers… why do I do this to myself?)

> x bookshelf
Which do you mean, the tall bookshelf, the tall bookshelf’s top shelf, the big bookshelf, the big bookshelf’s top shelf, the short bookshelf, the short bookshelf’s top shelf, the long bookshelf or the long bookshelf’s top shelf?
Man, I don’t even know anymore.  Which one has stuff on it?

What am I supposed to do now?  Did I screw up and light the wrong candle or something?  Ha, no, just hadn’t found the second taper.

I’m in a hot air balloon, a small island below me, surrounded by ocean, and I can’t see any such balloon, island, or ocean.  I must have my eyes closed.
> open eyes
You can’t see any such thing.

> search debris
Supplies!  Good thing you found these.  You might not have lasted long otherwise.
Anyone else find it impossible to read “Supplies!” as anything other than an Asian man jumping out of a supply closet, or am I the only horrible racist in the room?

Oh, unmarked exit to the west of the crash site.  Was starting to wonder where all the damn vines were in this forest.

Man, just when I thought I could make a raft, a bunch of people wearing wooden masks took everything I had.  I hate that.

Oh, they put the raft together for me!  I’m sorry I misjudged you, wooden-mask-wearing people.  Wait, what do you mean it wouldn’t get me far?

Oh, the verb I wanted was SAIL, not RIDE RAFT.  Also, I see from the walkthrough that I’ve already missed my chance at the happy ending by searching the pile of books instead of climbing the bookshelf.  That seems a little arbitrary, although the game did tell me the books I read were in bad condition and I probably shouldn’t read them, so fair ’nuff I guess.

Ah, here’s the normal ending.
*** Will you restart for a happier ending?  Can you found the white mouse? ***
You can’t found the white mouse if you don’t looking for the white mouse!  Let’s try this again.

Yup, I could in fact found the white mouse.  What I’m supposed to do after that is pretty much anyone’s guess.  Cheating.  Oh, the same thing I did before, except there’s a mouse in it?  All right, let’s give it a shot.

Okay, so, I go through the same exact things, except this time instead of continuing to haunt my library, I decide to leave it and go find whatever sort of adventure is available to a ghost, because earlier I found a white mouse?  How does this make any sense?

This wasn’t a bad game, but it could have used more in the way of object descriptions, plus someone to read over the spelling and punctuation.  Also, more of the verbs could have accepted synonyms, to reduce having to guess.  Most of the puzzles came down to the word SEARCH, which I could see being potentially frustrating to IF newcomers.  I did enjoy the twist that you’re a ghost trapped in your own library, though.


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