CGDC #7 – Jim Aikin’s Heavenly!

February 15, 2010

Going for something light and fluffy-looking ’cause it’s the middle of the night, and I don’t want to start worrying about… nope, too late, I’m already worried about it.  I guess there’s not anything I would actually be able to do about it, so that’s some consolation.  Maybe start carrying around a pair of chopsticks.

Anyway, this looks like a nice non-creepy game about some really bored angels.  Hopefully in this one you don’t have to get off and on a pig all the goddamn time like you did in Jim Aikin’s last game.  I hated getting on and off that pig.  I hated it so much that I’ve stopped getting on and off pigs in real life.

[spoilers begin here]

Yup.  S’heaven all right.  Know it anywhere.

You visited the Room Full of Kittens once, and have no desire ever to return for another look.
Wha?!  What is wrong with me?

…that’s kind of how I’ve always wanted to die, actually, smothered in a room full of kittens.  So it’d be weird if they had one in heaven when I got there.

How am I supposed to tempt this shoplifter exactly?  Also why is Gabriel asking me to as part of a lesson on how nice it is to be nice?  Why am I getting lessons on how nice it is to be nice anyway?  Am I in the Village?  Is he the new Number 2?

Oh, it’s one of those cases where you have to type MAN, STEAL or whatever, TELL MAN TO STEAL won’t work.  Can we as a people please get rid of this NAME, COMMAND syntax?  I never remember that it exists, and it’s not the most intuitive thing for IF newcomers to work out by themselves.

Well, shit, apparently I was supposed to be doing something this whole time.  Lemme try that again.

Yay, I got to go to hell!  That was very very short.  Entertaining, though, and no getting on or off a pig!  Yay no getting on or off a pig!


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