CGDC #7 – Dan Efran’s Ka!

February 15, 2010

You know, the one he pahked in Hahvahd Yahd.  (I am so so sorry.)

Anyway, if I knock off a couple more of these tonight (by which I of course mean craft them lovingly and carefully for your optimum reading enjoyment), I might have time to do some homework tomorrow.  (Riff went and got himself food-poisoned, so there won’t be any cooing at each other like turtledoves or whatever the fuck it is people do on Valentine’s Day.  This is probably for the best, as I suspect neither of us is a natural cooer.  Shit, I can’t even roll my Rs.)

So I figure we might as well have another game about the afterlife!  Yay, games about the afterlife!

Wanna go for a wide in my hot wad?

[spoilers begin here]

I’m in a coffin.  Actually, I think I’m in a series of coffins.  Would imagine my goal is to no longer be in a series of coffins.  Man, those Egyptians were goth as fuck.

Oh, interesting, I have a book of songs that seem to work like spells!

Hmm.  Each song seems to correspond pretty obviously with a coffin layer, and my job is to work out which one.  Am I penalized for guessing wrong?  No, don’t seem to be.

Not sure what to do in the Closed Burial Shrine.  Think I’m gonna need a command more complicated than OUT for once in my afterlife.  Wait, no, was just singing the wrong song.

Oh, interesting, a flashback!

Man, this scarab room is nuts.  I have no idea what to do with this crazy mechanism.  What do you mean TAKE OBELISK?  What obelisk?  I thought I was trying to make the sun come up!

Oh, wait, maybe I get in the cage, drop onto the amulet from above, get the obelisk, put it in the hole in the spool, and… something happens?  Let’s try that.


Oh, shit, I gotta play a game with a clockwork dude?  Maaaan.

Damn, I can’t use Gold Digger to steal his shoes.  There went the only idea I had.  Oh, wait… nope, can’t eat the dice.  Crap.

Oh, duh. Now I feel bad for having cheated.

What am I trying to accomplish in the dodecahedron room?  Keep the river stopped?  I could use my crook or flail for that, if I knew how.  Oh, apparently I’m supposed to respectfully retire them in this room.  Hmm.

Oh, crystal is more akin to sandstone than glass, I guess?  Have I mentioned lately that I know almost nothing about science?  Wait, isn’t glass made out of sand?  Oh, I see, glass is silica that reaches a solid state without crystallizing, and quartz is silica that did crystallize.  Or something.  I’m sure someone will be along in a minute to explain to me how that’s not in fact correct.

You are shittin’ me.  Inversions is not willing to last long enough for me to burn both my crook and my flail in one go?  That just seems like a dick move.  I’ve done a lot of typing getting to this point.  A lot of typing in this one room even.  Now I have to go through all that again?  That’s… I’m eating a truffle.

Oh, okay, past three rooms.  Six-legged scarab, two-legged doll on a three-legged stool, and now a lion.  So, yeah, clockwork.  That coulda been worse.

Yay!  I don’t have to go to hell!

Man, I don’t know how to feel about that one.  It’s a neat setup for a series-of-puzzles game, and the puzzles themselves… I don’t feel I can complain they weren’t fair, exactly.  Just something about them was frustrating, lack of feedback maybe?  I felt I spent a lot of time trying the wrong thing without the game letting me know.  Oh, and once you’ve grabbed the wosscalled and worked out that you can stop the mercury river that way, there’s no indication you need to try grabbing the wheel because there will be writing on it. That’s slightly obnoxious.

I don’t mean to slam Ka too hard, though, ’cause it’s definitely one of the better games this comp.  Just found it frustrating.  Crap, I only have four truffles left.



  1. Okay, I’m in the middle of playing through “Ka” and I had to look at the walkthrough to get “clockwork”. And… having done so, I still totally don’t get it. You seem to have found that pretty straightforward. Can you shed some light on that? I’m totally at a loss here. I mean, the answer might as well have been “Cheez Whiz”.

    • Hang on a sec, lemme get back to that bit… ah, here we go.

      What is supported by six legs in the morning, five legs at midday, and four legs in the evening?

      The room with the six-legged clockwork scarab represents morning, since you’re bringing the dawn. The room with the game-playing clockwork dude on his little three-legged stool represents midday (less obviously, there’s like a light in the ceiling). The room with the four-legged clockwork lioness represents evening, I guess, somehow. And there you go. It took me a lot longer than that sentence makes it seem; I just try not to type “ARRRGH why is this so hard why am I so stupid” too many times in one post.

      • Ahh, okay. 🙂 I think I might not have figured that one out on my own, although I also wonder how well I’d do if I weren’t trying to get them done quickly with a walkthrough to-hand.

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