CGDC #7 – Branden Rishel and Daphne Gabrieli’s The Usher!

February 15, 2010

Man, the naked-rock-climber calendar in the bathroom is so weird.  All right, what’s next?  Leading a dead queen to the afterlife?  I could do that.  Then once I’ve done it, I’ll be able to put it on job applications.

Man, it’d be awesome if you could list all the shit you’d done in IF games as legitimate qualifications.  “Well, I’ve worked as a city sanitarian, performed a C-section on a dog, can scale rock walls really easily as long as they’re not wet, am well-versed in several types of magic including the Lavori d’Aracne, have discovered a formula to turn humans invisible, and know how to drive a giant mechanical alligator.  Don’t even insinuate I can’t handle assistant-managing your little sandwich shop.  I could manage your sandwich shop with my face cut off.”  Actually, maybe it’s not a good idea to say that to an interviewer, lest they cut your face off.

Anyway!  The Usher!

[spoilers begin here]

A tapping sound from the outside indicates it’s time to remove your blindfold.
In proper ritual form, you hand it to the zchtobl, who eats it.
I have no idea what a zchtobl is, but I like this game already.

Oh, man, poor Stanley, buried alive with his wife.  Maybe I can get both of us out of here.  And Bobo too, of course.
“Yip,” says Bobo.

The first ingredient is added at room temperature.
The third ingredient is not a liquid.
The blackened ingredient must be reheated before use.
Mixing the gel will ruin the recipe.
Whatever you do, make sure the second ingredient is neither heated nor mixed.
Oooh, little logic problem!  I’m excited!  I’m making a save file!

May her transition to the afterlife be smooth, like a laxative, you remember from the ancient teachings.

Huh, I count six different ways this recipe could go down.  This is stranger than I ever thought!

Yes!  Finally!  (For those of you with no patience, it’s mixed unheated cobalt liquid, unmixed unheated amber gel, heated unmixed black powder.  You’re welcome.)

…shit, now the tomb’s on fire.  These drop stoves are convenient, but hardly concordant with safety regulations.

Asking Stanley about the chest doesn’t work, as he’s too distracted by your nekkids.  You have to ask him for the key, specifically.  Examining the chest doesn’t indicate that it’s closed or locked; I totally thought it was an open box.

What do you want to unlock the Chest of Fond Remembrances with?

Damn, rapidly running out of truffles.

“Oh, for the love of Larry,” you think. As you think that, the God Larry, from up near the ceiling, flourishes his scepter at you.
That’s awesome.

Huh.  Well, I escaped, but it got a tad bit metaphysical there.  If you wanted to, you could interpret the last bit as a dying hallucination I was having.  Still, winnery enough for me!

That was cute.  I liked it.  Going in my top five or however many it winds up being.


  1. Sorry, I’ll get that chest fixed. This is my first work of IF, and I haven’t figured out implied actions yet. I think the chest description has been fixed since you played.



    • Wow, I didn’t realize this was your first game. Write more of them! Daphne too!

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