CGDC #7 – Owen Parish’s Escape in the Dark!

February 14, 2010

Owen Parish had a game in last year’s IF Comp called The Grand Quest, which I may have gotten a tad cranky at.  No reason to suspect history will repeat itself there, though, unless there’s some peevish gypsy out there cursing people to forever write IF games that I, personally, will get cranky at.  This seems unlikely.

Should crankiness occur, though, I have a good half-bag left of these stupidly overpriced truffles Riff bought me after I thrust them into his hands and said “here, you’re buying me these stupidly overpriced truffles for Valentine’s Day,” which should help keep the sputtering rage flow down to manageable levels.  Mine, I mean, not Riff’s.

Let’s play an escape game!

[spoilers begin here]

I’m a thief.  A captured one.  In a cell.  But… what’s my motivation?

Oh.  Right.

> pick lock
What do you want to pick the lock with?
Wow, truffle time already.  How about these lockpicks, you silly parser?  Silly, silly, silly parser.  We have such fun together, you and I.

“Right.  My name’s Angelo, what are we going to do?”
> ask prisoner about bar
“I think I can see a bolt or something.  Any ideas?  I can’t think of anything.”
> x bolt
You can’t see any such thing.
Angelo, you are no damn help.

Huh.  Angelo, you didn’t tell me you had a cosh.  Maybe I was supposed to get you to reveal that information before throwing a ring at you.

Okay, I hit the bar out of the window.  Now what?  Do I stick my arm through?  What the hell syntax would I use for that?  Oh, okay, if I examine the window, it sticks my head through for me and shows me the bolt Angelo kept going on about.  And there we go, I’m out of prison.

Well, that was short, and a little frustrating, but I only went through one truffle.  So, y’know, not bad.


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