CGDC #7 – Paul VanKoughnett’s Paint!

February 7, 2010

Hmm, what to play next?  I know, I’ll play the one with the shortest blurb.

Destroy a painting and save lives!

Hi there, Paint.  We’ll have you first, then Couch of Doom, which has a seven-word blurb.  Yes.  Yes, that is exactly how shit is going to go down.

RSS buffer courtesy of Translation Party:
To destroy the painting, save a life!
, To destroy this picture, save a life!
Is to destroy this image, save a life!
To destroy this image to save a life!
To save lives, to destroy this image!
Destroying the image, to save a life!
, Destroying the image to save his life!
The destruction of his life to save the image!
Destruction of his life to save the image!
His life to save an image of destruction!

[spoilers begin here]

Oh no, the Elmish Rot!  I knew I hated trees for a reason!

Okay, we’re in sort of an interesting world here, probably gonna have some magic in it.  Looks like someone spent some energy fleshing out its history, which is always a good thing.  The painting, the one I’m supposed to destroy and save lives, is of the hero Premitty stealing fire from the gods.  I’d always assumed when Prometheus did this that he had it on the end of a stick or in a horn or something, but Premitty’s just kinda got it in his hands, and it’s burning the crap out of him.  Him and a lot of other people.  Nice one, hero Premitty.

I’m sort of confused as to the logistics of this room I’m trapped in.  Huh, and it still tells me about the drapes that are hanging on a curtain rod over the window even though both the rod and the drapes are currently in my inventory (because they were there and I could take them).  That’s a little broken.

Um.  Huh.  I get the painting, go south, cure some people, and the game is over?  That’s it?  That was very very short, which seems weird for a game with so much atmosphere.

Huh.  I’m playing it again, just to count how many moves are required, and I keep getting this bizarre losing ending where the magister takes the painting out of your hands, tells you to go south with him, then you get there and the painting’s gone and everyone is very upset and you’re thrown in prison.  I don’t understand.  Is it because I didn’t open the door myself?

…yeah, like nine moves.  I’m not sure why this seems so strange, when it isn’t much shorter than Golden Shadow was.  Paint is much more robustly implemented, though, and takes place in this really rich world.  You hear about the war, and the gods, and the Magisters, and what’s up with curing a disease with paint, anyway? but the actual story can be summed up as “Dude sends other dude into a room to get a thing; other dude gets a thing.”  You never find out why they needed to lock you in the room, either!

I mean, it was interesting, and the writing was good, just… yeah.  What an odd little game.


One comment

  1. Translation Party is awesome. If you enter a simple imperative (try “Look at the moon”) you can get into a loop where each new translation adds another “Please” to the beginning, and so it never reaches equilibrium. This seems awfully stereotypical, though who’s to say whether the extra “Please” gets added in Japanese or English?* Perhaps the program thinks it’s translating into Canadian.

    *I suppose someone who speaks Japanese is to say. But I am not that person.

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