CGDC #7 – The Technomancer’s Golden Shadow!

February 6, 2010

You awaken from a strange nightmare in a gaudy golden room. Armed with nothing but your unusual top hat, can you escape?

I am playing this next because I want to know exactly what is so unusual about my top hat.  This is why it’s so important to put a good hook like this in your blurb.

As for the RSS buffer, Potato Boy proposed to my sister tonight.  Sadly, he did not present her with a ring-shaped potato, or even a potato-shaped ring, but I’m sure in time we will all recover from this massive disappointment.

Also, my cat has three boyfriends, there are actual dandelions in our front yard, and I think I just promised to attempt an Australian accent in public.  That was fucking stupid.  Good thing Muriel’s Wedding is an eminently rewatchable movie!

[spoilers begin here after this ABBA song]

A dark, rumbling voice echoes in the dark:
“Restore the dark shadows to their holes,
And tear sunder mind’s three locks:
Black ID lurks ‘neath darkest dreams
and nightmare of comfort lost –
Blue EGO peeks through crystal-clear
to meet ID’s satisfaction –
At last red SUPER-EGO hides
his shame, to have such brothers.

Unlock your mind and escape into your fears.”

I’m writing this down because I get the sense it’s going to be on the test.  Also I’m not sure “into your fears” is a valid prepositional phrase to use in conjunction with the word “escape,” although maybe the validity of the word “escape” is based entirely on your current situation, like maybe if you’re escaping a room full of giant wombats it doesn’t matter whether you’re ending up inside your fears or not.  Unless of course you’re afraid of giant wombats, which I would imagine is a healthy fear and nothing to be ashamed of.

> x hatband
You can see faintly glowing ancient runes along the hatband.
> x runes
You can’t see any such thing.
I feel like this bites me on the ass with runes in particular.  Somewhere I got it in my head that runes are important and examining them will provide clues, but nope, they’re just there to be esoteric.  Fucking runes.  Also, here is a thing you can do when you mention object Y in object X’s description but don’t want to write object Y its own description:  define Y as a synonym for X.  That way X RUNES gives “You can see faintly glowing runes along the hatband,” which clues the player that there’s nothing more to the runes without exposing chunks of bare drywall in your code.  (This gets weird if you have to actually do anything with X or Y besides examining and should probably be eschewed.  Ha, I said eschewed.  I am a big-words user.)

What do you want to unlock the red lock with?
This is normally my cue to go STAB STAB STABBITY STAB, but I’m on best most kindest behavior for CGDC, so I’ll just wave my sad ineffectual fists around a couple times and do a little bit of heartbroken moaning.  Okay, done now.  What’d I miss?

> x top drawer
The top drawer has a sparkling crystal lock in it.  The drawer is locked.
In it?  That’s not usually where locks go, is it?  Although I suppose it’s feasible to have a drawer that contains one lock and is locked with another, just like those bears that carry around the rotting carcasses of other bears.  Or maybe it’s an Eastern thing like “on line to see a movie.”  Maybe Easterners carry around the rotting carcasses of other Easterners.  I don’t know.  I’m not a doctor.

Holy shit, it’s a UNDO egg!

Gah!  Scary mirror ending!  How am I supposed to brush my teeth now?

Well, that wasn’t bad.  Not a lot to it, but I think I’ll be saying that a lot, given this contest’s timeframe and appeal to IF newcomers.  There were things in it, and they did some stuff.  Also the UNDO egg was cute, as was the idea of lighting a darkness lamp to see in a too-bright room.  Oh, and it didn’t wind up being a dream.  I did sort of think we were going to find out why we were in a golden room, and what was up with the Freud poem, and what that scritching sound was, but that’s all right.  Actually I suspect with the scritching sound I really don’t want to know.

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