In which I look at the list of games, have thoughts, and type them.

October 2, 2009

Oh, dude, there is a game in this year’s comp called GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands!  I am so saving that in case something depressing happens, like I accidentally read a newspaper or something.  Let’s see, what else have we got?

Oh, Eric Eve’s got a new one, that should be good, and Sarah Morayati who reviewed the last comp.  I feel I ought to know who Owen Parish is.  Oh my gosh, an Episode 1 of something, how ambitious, and I can barely shave my legs most months… huh, here’s a thing called “zork, buried chaos” described as “zork, buried chaos” by some guy who calls himself “bloodbath.”  The sad thing is, it’ll probably be better than Legends of Zork.

Let’s see… what’s a conine?  Oooh, I like hunting treasure, and I like doing it in space.  Couple of silly-looking ones that I hope go off properly, because it’s the saddest thing ever when they just sort of lie there with their trombones full of kumquats making sad little noises; metaphorically, you understand.  Oh my God, the email for “a Delusioned Teenager” is m4rk70ne5 at hotmail.  Is that Mark Jones?  “Drilled into the north of you” Mark Jones?  Also, how terrible a person am I for thinking that some of the joy would go out of my life if Mark Jones ever learned what words meant?

Anyway!  We’ve got some things!  Let’s play ’em!


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