MyBrute: this isn’t a game, but it’s a good time.

April 9, 2009

I made no progress on Realm of Oblivion today because I was busy playing with this darn thing.  It’s – let’s be honest, above all it’s one of those bizarre internet popularity contests, where you see how many friends you can sucker into signing up, but it’s also an entertaining fighting thunger.  This is how shit goes down.

One first gives one’s fighter a name and goes clicky clicky clicky on the triangular buttons until they’ve got an avatar they’re happy with.  (I would love a non-randomized character creation screen, but the current system makes things quick, at least.)  Then there is FITE!, by which I mean you watch your character engage in fully automated animated chibi-person fighting with someone else’s character.  (Yes, you get to pick whose, which is awesome fun for an entire chat channel.)  You get three fights a day, six your first day.  (There’s some sort of tournament something, but I haven’t messed with it yet.)  If you want to make your character yours, you can give it a password, no emails asked.

The bit I am a sucker for, though, is that every character starts with a Something and gets a new Something every level, completely randomly.  It could be a mace.  It could be a dog.  It could be a club that looks like a ham and just whacks the shit out of people.  It could be a shield that is pretty much bullshit compared to all of the above, whoo hoo shield.  It could be an awesome Bionic-Woman-lookin’ color-trail ability.  Someone named RickAstleyFan even has a leek.

That’s about it.  It’s got cute.  It’s got sex.  It’s got kicking the shit out of your loved ones with ham.  The site is here, unless you want to be one of my legions of sucker friends (it’s fine if you don’t, I won’t hate you) in which case click here and thank you.  (Because somehow it matters how many people I can get in my dojo on a silly internet thing?  I guess?  But thank you anyway!)

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