IF Comp ’08 Review – Jeremy Freese’s Violet!

October 5, 2008

Hard to go wrong with a one-word, evocative, fairly vague title, which makes me think I will either like this or it’ll be too far on the side of the pretentious and the trying-very-hard. Let’s find out together!

[spoilers looming below]


Wow, the narrators in games do not usually take such an accusatory tone with me. I think we may be dating.

Oh, wow, I am glad I typed ABOUT.

Finally: you are male by default (curse you, patriarchy!). I’m not changing my gender on your behalf, but you are welcome to change yours. Just type FEMALE or, more stylishly, HETERONORMATIVITY OFF.

I like this game already. I’m’a shut up and go play it. Back later.

Oh yay, it’s set in Madison! So the heteronormativity being off should not be an issue!

Oh, okay, I should be mentally reading this in Australian-lady voice. Also I am not very good at shutting up and going to play things.

Hey, feel free to giggle, but the Pfister is a very nice hotel actually thank you very much!

The response to “take” makes me very happy. I like this game a lot. Of course, if it doesn’t come with a happy ending, I’m going to throw Andrew Plotkin at it.

Wisconsin doesn’t turn people into pottymouths. I think that last post of mine only had four or five iterations of “fuck” in it.

Oh God no don’t start reading blogs. There is no other way for that to end except in tears.

Wait, what?
>x zombie
Ohhhh. Carry on.

I wish Professor Detective was real and sold t-shirts.

Right, no need to be fucking around with interstitial lacunae when “gaps” is a perfectly cromulent word.

Potato gem? Australians are weird.

Julia is not at all blatant. I fully expect to hear her moaning in there very soon and screaming – what would she scream? “Sixty-nine me, Historic Pfister, sit on my face,” maybe, like that chick I took home from the bar once whose bangs started much too low on her forehead for her to have been human. Ignore Julia. Ignore the zombies. We are going to write.

…and I’m doing that thing people do where they cannibalize writing styles, did you notice?

I wonder if this is one of those five-hundred-dollar Ethernet cables.

The van has a bumper sticker that says “God Is My Co-Pirate.”
That. Is. Awesome. And available for purchase.

I was in fact trying to make the chair less wobbly. What the hell happened to warp this floor so badly?

…that must’ve been an hour. I’m going to post this, CLOSE BROWSER, and keep playing.

Update:  I’m not sure this review ever got around to mentioning that this is only the BEST GAME EVER.  Rectifying that now.

(hee hee someone said “rectify”)


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