IF Comp ’08 Review – Kazuki Mishima’s Buried in Shoes!

October 4, 2008

I’m picking these games based on the titles, and Buried in Shoes is up next ‘cause it made me go “huh?” I mean, it’s a simple enough concept to grasp, buried in shoes, but how someone would get… buried… in shoes… like earlier tonight when Kevin took me in the truck to Del Taco and I was trying to think of one reason for there to be lightbulbs in the glovebox, not even a good reason, just one semi-logical convincing-when-you-squint-at-it reason, and I could not. Buried in shoes? Buried in shoes? Buried in shoes?

[spoilers begin here]

Huh, a quote from Isaiah. Well, that clears everything up! We can all go home now! Wait, what?

First, there is nothing,…
then, from nothing…
there are you.

…huh. Just huh. Hold on, I’ll be right back.

oh dude.

[spoilers end here]

Just… just play this one. It’s very weird.

Update: And depressing. Gorgeous. Well-written. But depressing as fuck. I couldn’t hack it. Stopped. I’m a pussy.

…gonna need extra hugs from chewy dinosaur friend tonight.

Second update: I’ve got a couple days’ distance on this game now and I’ve realized that this review doesn’t accurately convey how good this game is. You know how Requiem for a Dream was a really good movie? It’s a bit like that.

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